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April 22 2017









imagine the supernatural season one aesthetic if they were boppin around in a prius

john winchester looks at the coat of dirt on the prius. “dean, i wouldn’t have given you this car if you weren’t going to take care of it.” “dad, everyone knows you buy a prius for the fuel efficiency, not for the appearance.” “you’re right, son, my bad. carry on.”

in the pilot episode, the woman in white takes control of the prius on the bridge but then she realizes she’s in a prius so she softly whispers “this is bullshit. i can never go home.”

sam says “we’ve got work to do” and then steps back so he can close the hatchback

because their lives are so stressful, they choose the soothing sea glass pearl color. who wants to worry about visible clear coat scratches when you’ve got monsters to kill

a semi hits the prius during the season 1 finale but, due to its five star side crash safety rating, dean winchester never enters a coma. season 2 is fundamentally altered.

I don’t even go here, but please tell me more about plot problems that could be solved if they were driving a road safe, fuel efficient, cheaply maintained car.

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Najlepsza przyjaźń, to ta, w której nie jest zdefiniowane, które jest większym debilem.
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